We’ve given you the answers
   to the most popular questions 
Where can I go?
-  We do both local (in America) and out of country mission projects    
  - The places we are planning for this coming summer are: 

    1. Canada
    2. Haiti
    3.  Honduras
    4.  Jamaica
    5.  Inner City St. Louis
    6.  Northern Ireland   
    7.  Kenya
    8.  Mexico
    9.  Philippines
Costa Rica
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What will we do?
  1. - To put it the easiest way possible, you will be stretched.  Don’t expect to come here and it be a vacation and don’t expect to come and be bored. 

  1. -The mission project begins when you arrive at our campground in Bloomfield, Indiana, where we will send you through our success camp (which is sort of like a missionary boot camp training).  Here you will be prepared with all the skills you will need when going to your mission field.  You’ll be taught things like: how to mix concrete, study the Bible, be a puppeteer and evangelize.

  1. -If you want to know what you’ll be doing on the field click a link of the place you’re interested in going above.

Where do I start?

So you want to go on a mission trip and you have no idea where to start.  Here is a list that I’ve compiled that lets you know what to do:

1. Read through the trips and pray about which one God is leading you to pursue.

    -  Usually you can tell what God wants by a certain burden or care for a certain type of people.

    - God speaks through those who have authority over you.  Seek out the advice of your parents and  ministry leaders.

    -  Don’t let the cost make or break your decision.

2.  Contact Us with any questions.  If there are no questions go to step 3.

3. When you’ve decided where you feel called to go, fill out an application and mail it to us.

    -  Application and Project Info

    -  We will respond right away by sending you a binder filled with any information you may need about raising your support, what to bring with you, and what you should expect.

4. Get a passport

     - Make sure you do this as early as possible so you don’t have to spend more for the government to process it quickly.

5. Write a prayer letter

    -  This is to let people know what you are going to do and how much you will need.

    -  By this time you will have your binder and it will give you all the information you need on how to do this and other support raising ideas.

6. Come to Beechwood Lake Camp

    - If you are too far to drive or be driven, you can fly into Indianapolis airport and we will pick you up.  We can get to know each other during the car or bus ride.

7.  Have your life changed through the experience of a life time.

    - Just come with an open mind and heart to change the world through hard work and love and let God do the rest.